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Pavement Markings

Pavement Markings

The easiest and most cost effective solution for pavement rejuvenation is restriping your lines and markings.
A well designed and properly marked parking lot gives clear direction to drivers and enhances pedestrian safety, all while enhancing the look and feel of your property to customers and tenants.

Anderson performs line striping, design and stenciling such as ADA parking symbols, bright fire lane markings and beaded nighttime visible walkways for a positive and safe experience on your lot. We design custom stencils to meet your specific needs. Flexible overnight scheduling is available when temperatures allow to complete any striping project with minimal impact on your business or property. Whether you need to stripe one handicap or a multi-story parking tower, we can provide any layout & design or restripe services to meet your specific needs!

Only The Best

At Anderson we use only the very best: Top-quality latex, oil based and thermoplastic traffic coatings for better adhesion and durability. We provide MSDS on all our material and can meet any local spec or code. Don't spend precious maintenance dollars for cheap material and workmanship on your property! Call the very best - Call Anderson today!