Paving the way for WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES in our industry for over 35 years.

Anderson Striping was founded by Kelly and Rick Anderson in 1988 in Central California with a house sprayer and a dream. Driven by their goal for innovation and dedication to doing thing differently, Anderson was built to be a different kind of pavement maintenance company. For years, their focus on safety, quality work and building relationships helped grow the organization and the services we provide our clients – whether individual property owners or facilities managers across multiple regions.

Anderson expanded striping services into Nevada, Oregon and Washington in 2000. In 2007, Anderson Striping incorporated into a Women-Owned Business Enterprise with Kelly at the helm. The Seal coating and Crack fill division opened in 2009, and quickly grew to one of the largest names in the industry. In 2018, we established Arizona and Utah striping services. In 2020, Anderson created the Asphalt Paving division to continue meeting our client’s needs.

Anderson is proud to offer full pavement services, with the same dedication and commitment that Kelly established over 35 years ago. Today, Kelly Anderson, her daughter Dejah Anderson, and son Erick Anderson work together every day to continue the legacy of integrity in business and breaking the mold for our industry and clients.

Mission Statement:

Anderson; making the world a safer place through our pavement services, changing the world by innovating our industry and workforce, and supporting these by our commitment to doing the right thing always, in all ways.

Our staff is dedicated

to a working environment that is safe and productive. We have built our 30-year foundation on being a caring company that values every customer and employee.

Our experienced team

takes great pride in everything we do. Whether you have one property or one hundred, we are your solution to parking lot maintenance!

Anderson Core Values


The #1 reason we do what we do. From road and parking lot striping, to airfield marking to asphalt and concrete repairs, nearly every job we do has impact on safety. Our team approaches each project with a vision on how we can help improve the safety of each facility, municipality, and property we work on.

Community Value

Through our seal coating and pavement divisions #Anderson is dedicated to improving the value of our community’s properties and roadways. We don’t just see asphalt – we see hospitals, homes, schools, recreation areas, and centers of our community. Giving back is an integral part of our mission– we seek ways each year we can donate our services to organizations who impact the places our clients and employees work and live.

Building Relationships

From the moment we first interact with a client and all the way through the job process, our team’s vision is to build relationships. Relationships mean more than just doing the job, it means making each client feel as important as they are to us. For #Anderson, building relationships with our clients, vendors and employees is the most celebrated and impactful goal for our organization.


Our clients need quick action: Safety concerns addressed immediately, proactive planning and communication for impact on the facility and the public, and final wrap up for inspections on new construction projects. Anderson places a high emphasis on our team’s responsiveness to clients – always proactive, problem solving and fast acting is our goal.


Nothing demonstrates pride as strongly as quality finish. Anderson’s operations team has been shaped by decades of experience that shows itself through their ownership of each project. We consider each client’s property as our own. Through training on preconstruction principles through post construction project wrap up, our internal processes are molded to ensure each job is finished to the quality level our clients have come to expect over 35 years.


Constantly moving, improving and climbing – Our core model is adaptability to the changing needs of clients and industry through innovation on our processes, services and always sourcing the latest and best equipment and tools. Anderson is never satisfied with good – we always strive to be better.


For over 35 years, ANDERSON has been the US western region’s “One Call Does It All” solution to pavement maintenance. As a WOMEN OWNED and family run company, our core focus is always on integrity, quality of service and value pricing. We strive to maintain trust and develop long term partnerships with our customers, and have found success by staying true to those values..


Customer Expectations & Satisfaction are the primary focus on every project!



  1. Our team will assess the pavement condition and address any concerns from our client regarding safety hazards, interruptions to business and budget planning.
  2. Once the client and our team confirm a scope of work, we will communicate any critical information needed to plan the execution of work (ex: considering traffic flow during the project)
  3. Our team provides a full detailed proposal to the customer with ariel maps and phasing plans so the client is empowered to make a decision and feel comfortable moving forward.



  1. Once we receive a request for scheduling, our dispatch department will assign our experienced team to best suit the client, project, and dates.
  2. Our administrative staff will assist with any vendor or contract setup needs
  3. Logistics department coordinates material vendors and confirms setup for each project, so that there are no delays for our clients.



  1. Our project managers partner with our clients to make sure each project runs as smoothly as possible. We are always in full communication during the duration of every project.
  2. Upon successful completion, our lead application technicians are required to do a quality assurance inspection and reach out to the customer for project sign off and rating. “We Never Leave a Job Site Without Complete Customer Satisfaction!”