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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving and Repairs

Fixing asphalt at the first sign of failure can help preserve the overall pavement and reduce replacement costs in the future.
As it moves through its life, even well-maintained asphalt will require repairs. Water, sun damage and traffic eventually wear away the binders that keep asphalt flexible and strong.

Our team at ANDERSON is experienced in identifying all types of asphalt deficiencies and their causes in order to provide the most cost effective and sustainable solutions.

These include:

  • Full Depth Repair

  • Overlay

  • Infrared Repairs

  • Pot Hole Repairs

  • Trench Paving

  • Budgetary Phasing Plans

Let Anderson protect your bottom line.

Our paving team reaches throughout the Western United States to provide regional property owners and managers the solutions they need to feel empowered to make a decision from their desk.

Potholes and other pavement defect are liabilities that result in a negative impact on business production and are dangerous for customers and employees.