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Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning

Pavement is typically designed to last 20-40 years yet appropriate maintenance must be done to ensure it does not fail. Let our team assist you in preventative maintenance, savings thousands of dollars in expensive emergency repairs! Here is what we do:

1.) Our team meets with each client to do a site evaluation and discuss the specific logistical and budgetary needs of each location.

2.) Our project managers develop a 5-10 year phased plan that is tailored to each client. Immediate needs are addressed first while less critical repairs are incorporated into the budgets in later years ensuring every base is covered. Our look ahead encompasses needs that may develop in the future, so you are already planning for them and avoiding surprise costs.

3.) Our Operations team dispatches to site upon approval and completed the repairs with minimal interruptions to the facility operations.

4.) Each site plan is reviewed yearly to make any adjustments necessary and keep your focus on the operations of your facility!

Let us evaluate your pavement needs

Let Anderson Striping & Construction, Inc. professionals evaluate your pavement needs, develop a maintenance plan and save your investments. Pavement must be maintained and we provide cost effective treatments to meet any budget.