New Construction Industry

Turning a blank pavement canvas into a parking lot requires more than just paint.

New construction comes with its own set of challenges – fluctuating layout designs, high safety requirements and working under tight deadlines around many other contractors. ANDERSON has the operations experience, trade knowledge and project management to solve those challenges and complete striping projects on time and under budget.

Our layout teams have over 100 years combined experience in striping and design and we utilize the latest technology to get the jobs done right.

As a subcontractor we provide:


On-Site & Off-Site Pavement Markings for commercial, industrial and government projects


Asphalt Seal coating and full-service crack sealing


Sport Surfacing for asphalt/concrete


Sandblasting & grinding services

Make the right impression

The parking lot is your customer’s first and final impression of your business; trust ANDERSON to make it last.

New Construction

Pavement Markings

Asphalt Installation

Concrete Installation

Signage & Bollard Installation

Thermoplastic Striping

Wheel Stops

Truncated Domes

Signage & Bollard Installation