Industrial & Logistics Industry

Industrial & Logistics facilities have their own set of critical pavement needs:


Routine, planned service to prevent damage and avoid expensive repairs.


A focus on safety that includes visibly marked areas for work and traffic.


Elimination of pavement defects that wear out trucks and equipment over time

Let Anderson Striping & Construction, Inc. be your “one call to does it all” partner for the pavement maintenance needs of your industrial & logistics facility.

We will evaluate your center and provide a dynamic multi-year maintenance plan to accommodate yearly facility maintenance budgets. We understand the importance that safety and facility access play in your day to day operations and our team is committed to ensuring maintenance projects are completed with minimal interruptions to your operations.

Our Project Managers have years of experience

We’re known to complete work for our network of trusted clients in a timely manner – minimizing expensive extended down time and maximizing maintenance budgets to provide the best solutions for your distribution or manufacturing facility. Anderson Striping & Construction, Inc. is proud of our record of providing quality work, increasing the safety and teaming with our clients to help improving the logistics of each facility!

Our goal is assisting our logistics and industrial clients in expanding their production capabilities.

Asphalt Repair

Seal Coating

Crack Fill

Concrete Maintenance

ADA & Safety Striping

Warehouse Markings & Epoxy Systems

Concrete Expansion Joint Maintenance

Warehouse Striping

Industrial & Logistics