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Crack Sealing

Prevent a minor problem from becoming a major problem

Crack sealing is an important maintenance procedure that will protect your pavement from further deterioration by sealing against moisture and dirt penetrating the sub-grade. Crack filling properly and regularly can double the life expectancy for pavement, by preventing the problems from spreading or worsening. Repairing cracks early in the pavement life cycle saves maintenance dollars from costly replacement.

Pavement Cracking Causes:

  • Water penetration

  • Traffic

  • Improper mix design or temperature during asphalt installation

  • Incorrectly bonded edges of asphalt

  • Oxidation (Sun Damage)

  • Age

Anderson provides a number of services to address the many different types and causes of pavement cracking. These include:

  • Routing

  • Saw cutting

  • Surface and edge preparation (Sandblasting, Air blasting)

  • Backer Rod Installation

  • Hot applied polymer fillers

  • Cold applied silicone fillers

  • Spalling and patch repair

Not all cracking scenarios are the same

We consider each property’s individual needs while developing a maintenance plan for our clients.