Meet Jose Alcaraz

We’re thrilled to introduce José Alcaraz, a dedicated team lead who has worked for Anderson Striping and Construction for a remarkable decade. José’s journey at Anderson has been driven by a profound sense of camaraderie and family, which deeply resonates within the company culture.

Before joining Anderson, José managed a gas station and car wash, honing skills that would later prove invaluable in leading construction teams. His transition into construction wasn’t just a career change but a commitment to mastering a new craft.

As a foreman, José sees his role as pivotal in nurturing a supportive team environment. “I work hard for my crew to see and motivate them,” he shares. This approach enhances team morale and motivates everyone to strive for excellence, mirroring the family-like atmosphere that Anderson values.

José’s goal at Anderson is clear—to grow and become the best striper in the industry. His favorite saying, “Thank you for all you do,” reflects his appreciation for his team and their mutual respect.

When asked about a superpower he’d choose, José mentioned wanting to be the strongest and smartest, which would help him in every aspect of his life. He is also a proud Christian, which guides him personally and professionally.

What inspires José the most at Anderson are the company’s founders, Rick and Kelly, who started their careers in striping at a young age. Their journey from the ground up instills a sense of pride and motivation in José and his team.

Outside of work, José enjoys jogging and working out with his family. These activities strengthen his physical health and reinforce the bonds with his loved ones, mirroring the close relationships he fosters at work.

José has learned to navigate customer interactions effectively, transforming initial challenges into personal and professional growth opportunities. His advice to anyone considering joining Anderson is straightforward and honest: “Be ready to work, and this company treats you like family.”

Reflecting on his time at Anderson, José emphasizes the importance of honesty in all dealings, a lesson that has been pivotal in his decade-long tenure. His journey illustrates the values of hard work, family, and integrity—principles that Anderson Striping and Construction hold dear.

José Alcaraz is not just a team lead but a pillar of the Anderson community, continually pushing for excellence and inspiring those around him. Thank you for all you do, Jose!