Meet Erick Anderson

We’re excited to introduce Erick Anderson, our Business Development Visionary of Anderson Striping and Construction, Inc. Erick’s journey with us is a testament to his dedication and growth, having been a part of the Anderson family for nearly 13 years.

After graduating from high school, Erick started working at Anderson. He quickly grew into securing major clients and managing big projects, playing a pivotal role in creating a healthy, rewarding environment for others to thrive and have fulfilling careers.

Erick’s influence extends beyond his professional achievements. He is known for maintaining composure under pressure, injecting rationality into our decision-making processes, and offering a wide-ranging vision for the company’s future. These qualities have been crucial in navigating various challenges, demonstrating his adaptability, thoughtfulness, and resourcefulness. Erick’s passion for the industry is fueled by the people he works with and the challenges he encounters, drawing inspiration from his family, coworkers, and the latent potential within our company.

Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, playing video games, and watching football. Go Jets! His passions include spending time with family, being involved at work, learning history, philosophy, and geopolitics, and spending time with his cats. Erick’s family life is unique, as many of his family members work at Anderson, allowing for a unique blend of professional and personal life. As one of Erick’s favorite sayings, “Balance is the key to life.”

One of the most valuable lessons Erick has learned at Anderson is the power of collaboration and collective reasoning. It’s a principle that strengthens the team and enhances the company’s capabilities, deeply ingrained in Erick’s approach to his work.

Erick’s message is clear for anyone considering a career with Anderson, “This company genuinely cares about its team members. It’s a small business doing big things with significant potential for growth and expansion. The work is exciting and rewarding, offering ample opportunities for professional development”.

Stay tuned for more stories from the heart of our company, showcasing the remarkable individuals like Erick who drive Anderson Striping and Construction forward. Thank you for all you do, Erick Anderson!