Meet April Phelen

We are delighted to introduce April Phelen, a remarkable team leader in training for the seal coating team at Anderson Striping. April has shown remarkable progress in three months and is rapidly climbing the career ladder. Her passion lies in transforming worn-out asphalt into rejuvenated surfaces that look brand new. As a woman on the operational team, and she has played a crucial role in shaping the team’s culture while proving to her male peers that women are more than capable and thrive in the construction industry.

Before joining Anderson Striping, April had gained valuable experience in various construction areas, such as hauling lumber, drilling holes, moving bark, and operating heavy equipment. Her ultimate career goal at Anderson Striping is to enhance her expertise in operations and broaden her understanding of different aspects of the job.

One of the reasons April loves working at Anderson Striping is its incredible atmosphere. She happily shares, “The company values and treats its employees well. If you’re willing to work hard and be a team player, it’s a great place.” April lives by the saying, “Every day is a new beginning. Yesterday’s mistakes don’t define today; it’s a fresh opportunity.” She values open-mindedness, readily accepting advice from anyone, and constantly seeking ways to learn and improve herself.

April enjoys various hobbies outside of work, including fishing, rock climbing, and participating in 5-10k marathons. Her upcoming marathon, scheduled for the end of the year, holds a particular purpose as she will be running for a charity benefiting Disneyland.

April faces challenges in her job, particularly when it comes to managing heavy 100-pound sandbags that are crucial for ensuring a top-quality seal coat mixture. Despite the physical strain involved, she persists with unwavering determination. April has learned at Anderson Striping the empowering belief that “I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!”

We are incredibly grateful to have April as a vital part of our team, and we appreciate her perseverance and hard work. April, thank you for everything you do for us!