Anderson Striping Renews Veterans Home Parking Lots

Introducing our newest project, the Fresno Veterans Home, in California’s beautiful San Joaquin Valley. This important institution has been a haven and source of aid for the brave individuals who have served our country. As their mission of supporting veterans persists, we understand the importance of maintaining and improving the facilities that keep it running.

Anderson Striping has undertaken the important task of restoring the parking lots and facilities at Fresno Veterans Home. We spent five days filling cracks, seal coating, and adding asphalt to over 200,000 square feet of space. Our goal was to enhance the appearance and guarantee the safety and usability of the parking lots.

The partnership between Fresno Veterans Home and Anderson Striping is a remarkable example of the power of the community coming together to support our respected veterans. Anderson Striping has improved the physical infrastructure and boosted the morale of those who have bravely served our country. By utilizing cracked fill seal coating and adding speed bumps, the facilities have become safer and more inviting, emphasizing the importance of our veterans’ comfort and well-being.

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